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The Art of Writing a Good Link Request

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 15 years and 319 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

So in Jim’s session at the conference, someone asked in the Q and A about what type of subject to use for a link request, and I realized what an art form link requests have really become. It’s TOUGH to get folks to give you links, especially with the volume of sheer CRAP that is out there now. The post previous to this one was examples of some of the garbage that I got in the last few days.

Maybe I’ll do a few more of these if I get some good feedback. I think there are lots of ways to approach a link request more politely and effectively than with an e-mail list of sites at the top of the serps and a form letter. While it’s fairly on topic – I’ve also been meaning to mention the linking blog all about all things links including text links, authority links, reciprocal links, buying links, and much more. I was fortunate to get to hang out with Patrick, Jay, Brock, and Andy from Text-link-ads (Buy Text Links) in N’awleans. Thought I’d throw this out there for those who haven’t visited the blog yet. Andy is their newest recruit, and they lucked out with such a nice addition to their team. Andy really knows his stuff, and I’m sure their site will turn into more and more of a linking advice goldmine.

Successful Link Request Dialogue 1

Subject: Question about

Dear (actual name of webmaster that you had to hunt a bit for),

I came across your site about underwater basketweaving and thought it was quite cool that you gave examples and diagrams of weaving a picnic basket in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. I did however notice a typo on where you say “there are many waayys to weeave a basket”. Probably just got overlooked, but I thought I’d let you know, as it’s always useful to me when webmasters or readers point things out that I hadn’t noticed on my sites.

Thanks for creating a great site for those that want to learn about underwaterbasketweaving.


Dr. Weaver


Thanks for the kind words about my site Dr. Weaver. I’ve fixed the problem and appreciate you pointing it out.



The Request

My pleasure Booboo, I’ve been reading your site a while and appreciate the time it has taken to create it (having created quite a few sites myself). I actually have a site on scuba diving myself which has a couple pages about underwater basketweaving. It would be great if you could add a link on your scuba diving page. Maybe just something like: If you need scuba diving equipment for underwaterbasketweaving, check out Weaver’s Diving Equipment.

I know this is a lot to ask, but I think those pages would be of benefit to your users. If you would ever like to have me write an article for you site I would certainly be willing to do so for a few links back from it in return. I think I could explain to your readers a little bit about how important scuba diving equipment is to underwaterbasketweaving.

Happy Weaving!

Dr. Weaver

Use permission marketing with your link requesting:


  • Personal
  • Anticipated
  • Relevant

You will inevitably be interrupting someone with your first e-mail. Anticipated is out, but you can be pretty personal and relevant if you do some homework. You only get one chance to make that first impression. Make it as positive as possible. Go out of your way to do something helpful. Point out something on their website, take some time to actually READ their site and offer some constructive criticism.

YES, this is more time intensive on link development, but it will get you much more high quality valuable links (maybe even make a few friends) and you will spend much LESS time on spinning your wheels with half baked schemes for crappy links.

Create relationships with your link partners. Dont’ try to screw them over with a smash and grab job. Asking for a link is asking to do business.

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  • Tom

    This is such bull shit. No webmaster has the time to proof read another site. I would like to see something intelligent written that takes into cosideration the busy world of webmasters.

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  • Brandon Hopkins

    RE: Tom’s comment – Tom, obviously you haven’t searched for good links. If a link is on topic and relevant to your industry, it is 100% worth it to spend an hour getting that one link. Especially if it is up for a year or more. I personally liked the idea of not asking in the first email, but asking after the webmaster has responded to your email.

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  • Wendy Soucie

    This very subject came up today during our SEO strategy meeting. My philosophy exactly.

    Thanks for the personal vindication on using strategy to treat your request for links to as unique, business relationships. It should be quality links with quality requests. I will pass this on.


  • Thiru

    Thats a neat little tip – I have never tried asking links from bloggers. Shoul do

  • sudhir kundi

    Good Strategy describe here useful for many linkers..

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