Blog archives for Thursday, May 19th, 2005

My Favorite Site for a Smile

I was digging through some old bookmarks yesterday, and couldn’t resist posting my favorite site ever. Originally found them through an advertising on Adwords while doing some competitive research. Smile. It’s almost Friday. Tag: Favorite Website

Personalized Search and Trustrank – Death to Link Based Algorithms

Another post on the death of SEO and how the game will change. Speak in heuristics and personalization, not algorithms and optimization. Think conversion and sales not traffic and rankings. Pagerank was flawed and the flaws are being remedied. The question is…how long has Trustrank […]

SEO is a Catchphrase – SEO Consulting

What they do: SEO consultants are generally project managers. They coordinate all aspects of website development and promotion for optimal search rankings. Clients look to an SEO consultant to provide input, and many times definitive answers on what the best methodology is to approach a […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume X – Ploppy Goes Blackhat – Blackhat Tools

Notes by Admin: I tried to stop him, but Mr. Ploppy got hold of a bottle of absinthe over the weekend and it’s been all bad mojo since then. He insisted on releasing this post despite asking him not to. He claims that he is […]

Seth Godin is en Fuego – What Every Good Liar Should Know

If you’ve ever watched a sporting event, you know that when an athlete “gets in the groove” they tend to dominate. We call this “being on fire” (exemplified in NBA Jam). Well, Seth Godin is an author on fire. Most would think that this is […]

New Google Content Blocker Released

Don’t let that pesky content be a problem anymore! Now you can view only the ads on those content scraper sites! Check out the new Google content blocker. Glad to see block level analysis coming in handy for something.

What the F? Eyetrack Studies Prove the Power of Organic Rankings

Yes, I’m a bit late on the commentary on this one, but after seeing it first hand I thought it was still very worthwhile. These studies are pretty cool, and offer insight and validation on working search marketing theories. I think this was my favorite […]

Blocking the Google Web Accelerator

Thanks to Justin – the mad modrewriter of for the scoop. A lot of this is over my head personally, but I know Justin is a smart chap and wouldn’t lead ya astray. Specific Information for Allowing or Blocking the *Google Web Accelerator. What […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume IX – Url Rewriting Tools

Understanding of how the web works from a technical standpoint is a great asset to SEO. This is where worlds normally collide. There are those that know marketing and business, and there are those that know programming, technology, engineering and the like. Bridging the gap […]

Mr. Ploppy Ponders Relevancy and New Tools

There were two EXCELLENT resources released in the world of SEO this past week. Aaron Walls “Link Harvester” tool, and Barry’s Search relevancy challenge. I’ve decided to rant on both and why I think these are both big strides for the search community. Firstly, the […]