Blog archives for Wednesday, April 13th, 2005

Gardening and SEO – Become an SEO Expert in 7 Steps

This is a fantastic article written as a guide to those who want to become SEO’s. There really is a ton of BS in the SEO industry, and the way most everyone tries to distinguish themselves is by pointing out the BS of others. DG […]

Looking for Lunker Links – Link Development and Fishing

I recently overheard a conversation of one of our company link developer’s mentioning how he enjoyed fishing (me too! I do my Miami Charter Fishing with Nel of the Top Gun, and my buddy Charlie Ellis), and thought I’d do a clever little analogy of […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume V – Content and Links

You want higher rankings, but you just want to press a magical button and see the traffic roll in. The truth is you’re probably not gonna get anywere near that magic button, so you had better start building two things – content and links. Here’s […]

WebmasterRadio.FM Releases Show Archives

This is really cool for those of us with poor memories and hectic schedules. has some fantastic shows. I often make the time to listen to the SEO Rockstars, but haven’t yet heard some of the others with the exception of Darin and Brandy […]

Cloaking News and Humor from Fantomaster

Fantomaster has released their site with an RSS news feed, and it looks pretty entertaining as well as informational (I’m always dancing around that damn “b-word”). If their soon to become weekly comic sets an example it should be a great place to visit. I […]

Button Pusher SEO, Information Pollution, and “The Blend”

Button pusher SEO is usually what the “white hat” mouseketeers like to whine about loudest. The rationale, is that it is that it is really easy to do, and tends to be on the “spammy” side because of things because it is generally somewhat automated. […]

Applied Semantic Whitepaper

With all the talk of patents and search technology development lately, I wanted to have this to go back and reference. The Applied Semantics White Paper is fairly readable, and definitely worth a good perusing. If you can’t seem to get it, try through the […]

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Tool List – Volume IV – Patent Paper Tools

So recent developments have seemed to change the game for SEO’s. Many of the variables listed in the latest patent paper released by Google have been theorized about by SEO’s for sometime, but it is definitely interesting to seem them come to light. This weeks […]

Information Arms Race – SE’s vs. SEO’s

This has been a post I’ve been procrastinating on for quite some time now, but with the release of the most important SEO related document in the last 5 years according to WebGuerrilla, I thought it was about time to forge ahead, and at least […]

Code is Poetry – Hidden Divs at WordPress

This whole ordeal is really just a nice chuckle for SEO/SEM’s who spend too much time on their computers :) The synopsis of the story is that the gent who runs wordpress (whose software runs this site) decided to make some cash with the aid […]