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Is SEO Just a Catchphrase?

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 17 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout?
SEO is Dead…again. To be quite honest, it has been doomed from the start. Allowing tech-geeks to become chic marketing people is just a bad idea anyways. I mean, you don’t really “optimize” the search engines anyhow, right? You tweak a webpage or web site to manipulate flaws in a search engine algorithm for top performance. Yes, I am being dramatic like the hundreds before me that proclaimed the death of SEO. It’s actually become quite cliche now, but so has the “evolution of SEO”, but it’s not gonna stop me from writing about it anyhow.

At some point it became fashionable to claim yourself as an “SEO”. Not that being an SEO really means much…it just sounds kind of cool, and seemed to be how everyone else described their services. I found it quite entertaining at the first industry conference that I went to that before six o’clock in the evening everyone was an SEO, and later in the evening more and more became search engine spammers. I don’t really think many were really that either, but the semantics of how we label our industry isn’t questioned quite often enough. We really aren’t spammers, and we aren’t “optimizers” either. The best “SEO’s” are really a culmination of a variety of very diverse skills brought together to improve a business or organization’s marketing performance in the online arena. Top SEO’s are project managers, and “meta-webmasters”.

I’ve been pondering this one so long that I think I’m going to make it a two or three part series depending on how it flows from my fingers. I think SEO is the “second bubble” that really had extremely high returns for minimal investments. It is strikingly similar to how easy it must have been to be a stock broker during the first internet boom.
Then: “ummm….buy….ummm…tech stocks?!?”
Now: “ummmm….buy….ummmm text links?!?”

High return low risk. The question is…when will things change…how much will they change…and what will change.

In my mind there are a few types of folks claim to practice SEO –

They are all actually becoming quite intertwined, because the skillsets of all of them are essential for success online. The more of the skills that each of these types of people possess, the more valuable that person becomes (as with any specialized occupation I suppose). Over the next few days, I’m going to try to dive into each one in a bit more depth, and see what types of individual skills are most important, how long those skills will be valuable to the changing search engine climate, and how those skill should change with the changing times. Trying to see in the future as a *ahem* SEO is quite tricky so it should be pondered often. It’s a lot nicer to be right than it is to be left behind the times. Tedster realized several years ago that SEO is really evolving into project management.

It takes a great project manager or developer and when folks ask where SEO is going I think that’s the direction we’re moving in. A well optimized site is a well planned and developed site. – paynt – May ’02

SEO *is* project management…except when it’s affiliate marketing or public relations. Even then, success is predicated on having a solid project base to build on.

I noticed another interesting thing at the first conference that I went to…Wherever people started from they got thrust into doing web development, migrated to an interest in search engines, and had progressed to either consulting or affiliate marketing. Those making the *big bucks* were in the aff space and struck up their own deals rather than depending on what was offered to them.

>the ultimate goal

If you take it one step further the ultimate goal is to promote your own sites and not do any work for clients. – NFFC

I actually LIKE clients myself (most of the time), because I try to attract successful clients that are willing to work hard for our mutual success (and it’s fun to see folks succeed). This isn’t to say that I don’t ever want to own and have more of a vested interest in other sites.

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