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Looking for Lunker Links – Link Development and Fishing

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 71 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Fishing for Link LunkersI recently overheard a conversation of one of our company link developer’s mentioning how he enjoyed fishing (me too! I do my Miami Charter Fishing with Nel of the Top Gun, and my buddy Charlie Ellis), and thought I’d do a clever little analogy of fishing to link development. While I am far from master angler, I am pretty good at link hunting, and finding some of the best links available for a given site. I do enjoy fishing, so I figured I’d run with this one.

When you go fishing, you need a group of family, chums, or others. This is a group of folks you can count on to bear part of load of the trip. So when link developing it is certainly good to have friends or cohorts.
Making link buddies

  1. Send out lots of e-mails.
  2. Be Genuine
  3. Offer advice, help, trades, or something of value.
  4. Be Polite
  5. Don’t expect anything.
  6. Always be willing to give more than you receive.
  7. Get a few messenger programs and keep in touch.

When you go on a fishing trip, you have in mind what you want to catch before you go. You definitely aren’t going to catch a Blue Marlin in the Great Lakes. When you go link hunting it should be the same. Use different tools for different jobs and you may catch a few unexpected things along the way. When you are searching for links in very niche industries you need to be in tuned to that industry. You need to find where those lunker links are lurking, and be careful not to spook them with your approach. Be prepared to offer something reasonable. Here’s a handy dandy guide to purchasing links (**WmW supporter’s forum).

Another essential quality to both fishing and link development is patience. Some of the most successful trips start with three hours of not even seeing a bite. I’ve spent hours on end searching for quality relevant links without finding a great site to contact or getting no responses from the sites I had contacted. Find a method that works well and refine it. Review and improve your techniques consistently to get better. It takes patience to practice. Add to your tools to become more effective. When it is least likely that looming leviathan link will leap out from the lurid landscape.

When you find a good fishing captain, they take you to the spots that they know where the lunkers live. If you find a good consultant, they can help you find where to start getting the monster links or volume of links that you will need to be competitive. You can figure out on-page SEO for yourself as a webmaster. If you buy SEO services, find someone who is going to help you get a lot of good quality in-bound links…they are the driving force for high rankings. Finding the big links is a secret that not too many consultants really want to share (for good reason), the same way that a good captain doesn’t want his clients to bring along a GPS device to map his good holes.

So in summary…If you want to take me fishing…I’ll probably help you market your website;) Let me know if you’re looking for lunker links. There are a lot of fish in the sea, but you have to know what you’re lookin’ for and how to catch them to use your time wisely.

If you’re fishing in Mexico, check out Javier – who runs a fishing charter in East Cape Mexico.

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