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I Just Want an Adwords Professional Logo

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 9 years and 356 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

Not Google Certified - You LOSE!One of the reasons I have a site like this (I refuse to use the “b-word”) is to vent when I get a little miffed. Sometimes it might come across as a little whiney (and this might be one of those times)…but hey…it’s my site right?

Here’s the deal…I thought it would be pretty cool to have a “google certified” logo…according to the requirements listed below I should be all set…pass the test and VOILA! I get a little piece of that awesome google brand, but to no avail.

  • Sign up for the program successfully and be in good standing. This means that you’ve accepted the Rules of Use and aren’t in violation of them.
  • Manage at least one AdWords account (yours or someone else’s) in My Client Center for 90 days. This timeframe begins after you sign up for the Google Advertising Professionals program.
  • Build and maintain at least US$1,000 (or your local currency equivalent) total spend for your or your team’s My Client Center account during the 90-day period.
  • Pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam. We suggest that you take the exam after you meet the above requirements. However, you can take the exam at any time.

My scenario–>

  • Beta tested MCC with company 1 a month or so before the program was released. (I was the sole manager of the account – which I still assist with)
  • Setup MCC center for personal consulting company approximately 50 (now 60) days ago.
  • Passed test for personal consulting company (company 2) last weekend
  • Signed up NEW company (company 3) for MCC today.

**Note: The first 2 easily meet spending requirements, and the last should in a fairly short time.

I tried explaining my dilemma at webmasterworld where other’s were experiencing similar traumas and getting some feedback and results , and even tried passing my problem on to some reps at the Google booth at SES in NYC. No dice as of yet. I guess I just whine a bit and wait it out ’til my 90 days are up (think I got about a month left). I think my glory has faded. I guess beta testing was meant to be thanks in itself.

*disclaimer…I am NOT yet a certified holder of the above logo, it is a spoof to go with this whiney post.

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