Blog archives for Friday, February 11th, 2005

Adwords Doesn’t Like Inside Jokes

This is really goofy, so skip it if you don’t like the occassional cheesy inside joke be forewarned. Story: -Mr. Ploppy was used an example by someone in a WMW thread. I believe someone told someone else the magic command for checking if you are […]

1.618, SEO, and Head Slapping

Gotta give DG a lot of credit on this one, as I’m sure you’ll be hearing related theories for quite some time after this. Why *wouldn’t* a bunch of math guys use this number often? (not to mention how many times it would occur naturally)

Information Retrieval Research – IDF/ TVT

Inverse Document Frequency/ Term Vector Theory Well, I haven’t had as much chance I would like to do research on this latest update, but I did see Jake mention IDF in this post at SEW (which also has a ton of other good information (msg […]

Good Advice is Profound in it’s Simplicity

Some of the best suggestions I’ve heard in the last few months (most are not exact quotes): “Write a few paragraphs – take out all of the targeted keywords and replace with blanks. Ask someone to identify what word should go in the blanks. Repeat […]

Welcome to Latent Sementic Indexing Hell

“Welcome to LSI hell, folks” – BakedJake – So the last thing was pretty worthless, so I figured I’d take a little time and comment on the new bane of SEO existence. It isn’t really NEW per se…we’re just starting to see it in […]

Stuntdubl Changes it’s Look

Okay, so I figured everything else was new (job, where I live, etc. etc.), so it was time for a new look at Most importantly, this system allows me to categorize entries which I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. So after a […]

Google Update Allegra

Updates are always a fun event. Even without the new pretty green pixels accompanying the update, you can bet their will be some great conspiracy theories that come out of this. Is latent semantic indexing a reality yet? Google Update Allegra 2-2-2005

Google Local Tab on the Homepage

Local search gets bigger by the day. Time for it to hit the mainstream…It’s now on Google’s homepage. Good spot by Chicago at Webmasterworld. Google Local Tab

I Thought Google Hated Affiliates? – Google Enters the Affiliate Game

Big G is now paying the teeth that bite them. Google has opened up their own affiliate program. The Google referral program (beta) is for businesses whose customers and visitors include small to medium-sized businesses, and who want to help those companies become more successful […]