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SEO Club – I Want You to Hit My Site as Hard as You Can

Online marketing information can change quickly This article is 16 years and 80 days old, and the facts and opinions contained in it may be out of date.

The phone rings and your host is on the other end. Your are under attack and your site is down.

You had met the black hat in a bar in a stupor and called him out him on his expertise. You also clamoured on about what his site was to others within earshot.

You wake up to the image of yourself challenging him, “I want you to hit my site as hard as you can.”

The sour taste of last night lingers in your mouth as you scramble to get something to drink and sit down to view your server stats. 100% server load for the last 12 hrs. and $0 revenue. You remember why you shouldn’t blab about your website or others at conferences.

The next day, during the session you try to remember what else was said, the agony of defeat overwhelms you knowing your cash cow will soon be plummetting from the top of the serps.

SEO club is tomorrow, and I’m not going to miss SEO club. Before the sessions, Walter from work walks up to me and says, “Sheesh…did you lose a site to the update?”

The first rule about seo club is you don’t talk about seo club.

I am Jack’s burning burst eyeball blood vessel. I am Jack’s lower back pain.

The second rule about seo club is you don’t talk about seo club.

You don’t say anything because seo club exists only in the hours between when seo club starts and when seo club ends.

Only two people to a session. One discussion at a time. They do it without any records or computers or notes. The seo discussion goes on as long as it has to. Those are the other rules of seo club.

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  • Brandon

    I thought the first rule of SEO club was, “You do not talk about Phentramene.”

  • Todd

    Okay…to the owner of the comment spam bot…it was a joke…I’ve never really mentioned others’ sites. Really…just a joke… I don’t really want to play online poker, but I’ll keep you in mind if I do;) Shame comments will have to be disabled for now.