Blog archives for Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Google Adsense Personalization – Tangent into Search Personalization

I saw this story a couple places yesterday, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. User controlled ads make a site experience more personalized…something I am certain we will see big G movin’ to more and more in the near future. Localization is already […]

It’s Not Easy Being a Guerilla – Guerilla Marketing for a Job

I’m not REAL certain why someone would want to work at an ad agency, but these two bright creative minds pulled some pretty cool stunts in order to get noticed. I personally enjoyed the folded “remember us” business card with their mug shuts. This is […]

Big Google News For the Day – Ma Google – Google Bell – Google Phone!

So it seems the story of today is that Big G is most likely gonna get even bigger. Rumor on the street is that the G monster is looking to start a VOIP service. And hey…why not? This would really shake some things up if […]

A New Internet Marketing Company – Time to Move

So my big news for the week is that this is my last week at SAMSA, as I’m leaving to pursue a great opportunity with a new Internet marketing company where I will be doing consulting as well as a variety of other things (link […]

Google to Release Adwords API

They’re should be some cool tools to come with the Google Adwords API released. While I’m not a coder, and this does me personally very little good, I imagine their will be some great innovation here to push the limits in the PPC industry. From […]

Yes Seth, There’s a Search Engine “Industry”, but There is a Lot of BS in Internet Marketing

Okay, so I don’t normally make a habit of posting e-mail messages, because it is somewhat rude, but I think the situation merits it since the majority of the dialogue is my own, and I would very much like to continue the discussion. Let me […]

Wal-Mart Search Engine Optimization Counter Offensive – Information arms race

It’s kind of scary when the corporate folks get a hold of an internet marketing consultant and actually listen to them. Someone must have showed the CEO the horrible publicity that Wal-mart bashing websites are providing them with. So apparantely they are goin’ after some […]

The Rumors Ring Louder – Google Adwords Affiliate Policy

Some pretty good sources on this one. Shak and eWhisper both have their ears real close to the walls of Google Adwords. Looks like the 12th will be the end of keyword arbitrage (well…okay…just a good portion of it). Now if only they’d get rid […]

Holiday E-Commerce Up 29 Percent to $15.8 Billion

I just love these kind of stats from time to time to prove the naysayers wrong. Looks like this internet *IS* going to stick around. Early estimates from comScore Networks Inc. show e-commerce spending over the November and December holiday season is expected to exceed […]

Deep Sea Charter Fishing Trip in Florida

Okay, sometimes you just have to post off-topic. This is one of those times. I took a trip down to Florida and got to do a bit of deep sea fishing. Here’s a few of the photos, and commentary (still looking for the cable to […]