Blog archives for Thursday, December 30th, 2004

Are Directories Getting Thrashed on Google?

This is an interesting topic goin’ on at threadwatch. Google popularized the niche directory business model with the way their algorithm ranked results and the introduction of adsense. Since then, the proliferation of questionable directories has increased as “on-theme” one time purchase links are a […]

The .com Superbowl Ads are Back – Godaddy and CareerBuilder TV Ads – .brilliant

I can just here what they are REALLY thinking…“Screw performance marketing where we can actually MEASURE stuff”…”Let’s blow a bundle on Superbowl branding!” Sounds like a brilliant idea right? I mean, it worked for, and…errr wait….Rumored at $2.4 million dollars per 30 […]

Press Releases for Search Engine Optimization – Case Study by Barry Schwartz

That other PR for SEO…no not PageRank, and no, not even public relations…Press Releases! That’s right folks, press releases for search engine optimization is the new buzz in the industry. I heard several people mention that Greg Jarboe’s presentation in Vegas was a hidden nugget […]

Live from SES Chicago 2004 – Coverage of the Conference

I was pretty bummed I couldn’t make it to the conference, but Barry Schwartz always does some very good reporting on the sessions. While I’m not a huge fan of the sessions usually, I’m guessing the meat of them ends up here anyhow. Too bad […]

Suggested Google Alphabet – Reverse Engineering Google Suggest Tool

This isn’t really extremely helpful or useful, but I thought it was a bit entertaining. What MAY be helpful and useful is the Google Suggest tool reverse engineered. Could possibly be that it is almost the same as Google’s Sandbox Keyword Research Tool, but reverse […]

Bruce Clay Tools & Certification – SEO Standards, Ethics, and Certification

I didn’t get a chance to read this entire thread, but it seemed rather interesting and heated at times. SEO ethics (a misnomer for sure), is always a hotly debated topic that I generally try to avoid. This thread is based around certification and standards […]

The End of Keyword Arbitrage Draws Nearer – January 2005 Cutoff

Sounds like a more official rumor that only one affiliate will be allowed to bid per site. This is really a shame from an affiliate perspective, but after recent issues with affiliate from a manager perspective, it will make affiliate management a bit easier. Imagine […]