Blog archives for Saturday, November 27th, 2004

Are the Days of Keyword Arbitrage Dwindling? Will Google Ban Affiliates?

Keyword arbitrage has been on basically since Adwords began I would assume. The essence of it is similar to the stock market…basically, buy the traffic low and sell the conversions high. If I spend .05 for for 100 visitors and one of them makes a […]

Google Spam Reporter – SEO Narc

Barry at SERoundtable points out the interesting job of spam reporter which is open as a temporary position at Google. Of course they are calling this “quality rater”. Maybe we could do another Google bomb on this for “SEO Narc” Barry? There’s also a discussion […]

Optimizing for Yourself? Lycos and Ask Jeeves Offering SEO Services

I caught this briefly today while perusing quickly through the news, and thought it rather ironic. Lycos and Ask Jeeves are apparently starting to offer SEO services for natural organic rankings. I’m not real sure what the benefit over paid search would be except that […]

MSN Search: more evil than satan

Okay, I couldn’t resist writing about this one. It seems Google really *is* EVIL…well, in the eyes of M$ anyhow. This is a nice little result that is coming to light throughout the web. You can read about it more at Search Engine Watch. Good […]

Google Adwords Certification Program for Advertising Professionals

Shak at WW gets credited for breaking this story. The “My Control Center” is a great way to manage multiple Adwords accounts, and Google is offering an “Advertising Professionals Certification” Requirements:-Sign up for the program successfully and be in good standing. This means that you’ve […]

Is Branding Dead? Are Consumers Smarter?

The short answer to both is: probably not, but it makes for good discussion anyhow. I’m gonna take this opportunity to mention Nick_W’s new site Nick is doing a nice job pulling together some of the minds of SEO, and all of the TONS […]

MSN Search Launching Before Christmas?

I’m a big fan of MSN search…not so much as a user, but definitely as a publisher. I’d love to see the new MSN launch and shift a bit more of the marketshare else where. Sounds like there will be a big push to get […]