Blog archives for Saturday, October 30th, 2004

Long Overdue Review of Web Site Promotion Software Internet Business Promoter

Quite some time ago, Johannes Selbach of Axandra asked me to do a review of the Axandra Internet Business Promoter software. Somehow, being the hectic life of an SEO, I managed to let this slip through the cracks. Sometimes, it seems like there is not […]

Another Reason Not to Buy PageRank

They are only pixels!!! Yes they are pretty, YES, they are green, and YES they CAN sometimes help your rankings. You can also be severely ripped off. This forum thread meant as a joke demonstrates just how easy it is to turn a page into […]

Brilliance from WebGuerilla — SEO’s are Google’s Best Spam Protection

Ahh…if only we could clone Greg Boser to educate more SEO’s. From a “spam report” thread at Webmasterworld:The Google PR department is probably going to print this thread and hang it on the wall as a testimonial to the effectiveness of their spam control brain […]

Today’s Big Google News – Gotta Cover Stories on Google

Okay, so this is same story is probably on just about EVERY other SEO news report for today, but hey…It’s Google! This is the media darling, and everyone watches their every single move. Why? Probably because they are getting closer to watching OUR every move. […]

Daily Internet Marketing News, SEO News, SEM News – OH So Much News!

There is sooooooo much news available on the web now. Keeping up with search engine news, the latest tweaks, what works and what doesn’t is definitely a full time job (they call it SEO). I spend a good portion of everyday reading about SEO and […]

Are Content Thieves Copying your Website? –

I keep forgetting to drop a link for Martinibuster’s site. MB is a top notch SEO and moderator of the webmasterworld link development forum who really takes the time to learn, do his homework and write quality content, and still give back to the SEO […]

Fortune Small Business – More SEO Success Stories and Search Marketing Statistics

I couldn’t find a date on this article, but thought it was another great testament to how important SEO is. It contains some great statistics on search engine marketing, and a few SEO success stories. Good read. Fortune Small Business – Small Business – Get […]