Blog archives for Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

Pay-per-call Services – Findwhat Releasing a New Pay-per Call System

Though I am not a huge fan of Findwhat, this sounds like a cool and innovative system (that someone else will likely buy or steal). I’m not sure that the Findwhat distribution channels will have the volume to make this a great marketing opportunity, but […]

Jeeves Gets Personal – A9 – Personalization, Localization, and Specialization

The three words you will be hearing for the next 5 years from the search engines are: personlization, localization, and specialization. Most of the majors have taken their stab at localization, and personalization seems to be next on the list. Specialization is certain to follow […]

Freeport Texas Deep Sea Guided Fishing Trip

Sometimes you just need a break. That was the case for me, so I went on a fantastic fishing trip. The captain was a great guy, and helped us catch a mess of fish (including an enormous bullred that was tagged at 35 inches, but […]

Paypal Levying Fines for TOS Violations

Looks like Paypal is gettin’ ready to lay the financial smack down. No more drugs, porn or gambling…for real this time. PayPal to levy fines for gambling, porn | CNET “PayPal, the online payments arm of eBay, on Friday said it will soon fine […]

More Eye Tracking Information – Eyetrack III – What You Most Need to Know About Website User Scanning

These guys are definitely on my radar now. They are doin’ some great scientific based testing which equates to very helpful information for a marketer. It is helpful to know just how the average visitor is most likely to view your site. I love visuals, […]

Eye Tracking Study Reveals Ad Viewing Behavior – “The Blend” Works, and Banner Ads Suck

Not a lot of big surprises here for anyone who works with online advertising quite often, but some good information nonetheless. It’s always good to have research to back up gut feelings and your own statistics. Here’s another whitepaper of research done on banner advertising. […]

Googlebomb Watch – Archive of Google Bombs – PR 100

This is a pretty cool site that I came across recently. It is labor day, so I didn’t wanna work real hard, but did feel like posting something. Check out all the entertaining “bombs” that have ranked people for things they didn’t want to necessarily […]

New Google Adsense TOS Allow up to 3 Sets of Ads – Goooooogle Branding

A great post at Webmasterworld, about some of the new changes with the Adsense Terms of Service. There is also a discussion goin’ on about how foolish the new “branding excercise” showing ads by goooooogle on adsense. Check out the adsense and adwords forums at […]