Blog archives for Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Blabble – Thought Parsing

This is definitely an interesting concept. Mining personal blogs for market trend information essentially. They are calling it “thought parsing”. They do not use a traditional search engine spider for the whole web, but rather only for a collection of about 2 million blogs. Great […]

Life With No Google

This poor gent was fine with none of the “creature comforts” after the recent hurricane. He claims the “killer” was NO GOOGLE. Can you now imagine a lifestyle where all the world’s wealth of information wasn’t right at your fingertips?!? Nice article Dave. Life with […]

WebmasterWorld Conference In Las Vegas, NV

Pubcon Lucky #7 has been announced. The webmasterwold conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This will be a great conference that shouldn’t be missed. The folks from webmasterworld are among the friendliest I’ve ever met in my […]

Adsense Encourages Bloggers to Make Money with Their Blogs

This has been floating around lately, and since I run a blog, and encourage others to do the same, I might as well let you know that you can know place adsense and make some extra cash. Check out the articles below, and they will […]

Overdue SES San Jose Post

So earlier this month, I went to a “search engine strategies” conference in San Jose, CA. It was a good time, and I learned lots of stuff from some of the great people that I met there. It is really amazing how small the search […]

Legitimizing Blog Spam

Now I enjoy some good blog spam as much as the next guy, but only an advertising agency could legitimize it and sell it as a service to companies for branding purposes. Okay, it may not QUITE be automated blog spam, but it is sure […]

I Love Guerrilla Marketing – Golden Casino Olympic Tutu Stunt Diver

Stunts like this make me laugh. I suppose casinos are catering to a bit of a different crowd. Chances are, they could not be “official” sponsors of the games (nor would they probably care to pay to be), but this bit of guerilla advertising is […]

The Internet Loses it’s Capitalization

I wonder what advertising genius propogated the myth that the Internet should be capitalized. Sorry Internet, you’re only “internet” now according to Wired. Wired “Uncapitalizes” the Internet

Mixed Messages About Local Search

Hmmmm…. is it good or is it bad. I’m personally a big fan of local search for aiding small business people who have been getting strong armed by the yellow pages for years now. Drop those ads, and hit the web!!!!!

Google IPO on Friday the 13th

So here it is. 200 new millionaires expected in the Silicon Valley. Some happy campers at the Googleplex. Congrats guys! More at: so it starts tomorrow eh?: Thread at