Blog archives for Thursday, July 29th, 2004

Google Bans Itself – PR 0 and Not Listed

Google seems to have banned itself. Oops. Roll that one back. Google Bans Itself – PR 0 and Not Listed

The $78,000 Question: Where Does SEMPO Money Go?

I have not seen any answers yet, but no one seems real happy with SEMPO today. Mike Grehan has released an article questioning the integrity and intentions of Barbara Coll aka WebMama. I’m sure this news will break soon, but it makes for interesting reading […]

Google IPO Bid Price: $108.00 and $135.00

The long awaited Google IPO is one step closer. Class A shares between $108.00 and $135.00 per share. The symbol will be “GOOG”. The auction ID’s will be available relatively soon at: From ThomasB:Also worth noting was what may have been one of the […]

Zunch Leader Challenges CEO’s to a Game of Galaga

Big ups to John Sanchez on this one. I like this. This is marketing that gets passed around. I’m not a superior Galaga player, but I want a piece of this action anyhow. He may get me in Galaga, but he’s got no hope if […]

Thinstall offers Discounts Based on PageRank

This is a very cool idea. From what I understand, Thinstall offers copyright protection software for programmers distributing their applications. Since quality security is a somewhat diminishing commodity, high end solutions are kinda pricey. Thinstall’s protection software is normally a bit pricy, but appears to […]

Google’s Battle Against Fraudalent Clicks – Inexpensive Outsourced Indian Clicking Labor and Clickbots

This is a pretty good article about the problems of clickfraud. I use PPC as an advertiser and have been quite happy with it on many occassions. This is obviously an issue that will only gain momentum, but is trying to be kept somewhat quiet […]

The Vanishing Mass Market – Log on, Plug in, and Opt out

I love articles like this. Die old media die! Blow up your television. Log on, Plug in, and Opt out…or perhaps Type in, Log on, and Tune out…or maybe just Search in, Sign on, and Buy out. Any way you crack it…turn off your TV […]

PRGooglebar :: Giving Pagerank to the masses

It is far from perfect, but it gives me the occassional warm glow of pretty green pixels, now that I’m officially moved to firefox. Thanks to Patrick D. of SEOdotcomicide for the tip. PD’s got a good SEO article on the looming M$ marketshare woes.PRGooglebar […]

CNN – Fear and loathing on the Web: “Gonzo” marketing thrives – July 16, 1998

This article is six years old, but I don’t care because I like it.CNN – Fear and loathing on the Web: “Gonzo” marketing thrives – July 16, 1998: “Reader feedback often informs my advice to clients. One of these is, which helps jobseekers. CEO […]

FireFox is My New Web Browser – CERT IE Flaw Warnings

After the recent warnings from the computer emergency response team (CERT), I decided it is really time to take my browsing a bit more seriously. I had only been procrastinating for foolish reasons of not wanting to battle the learning curve, which I finally did […]