Blog archives for Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

Google Invests in Overseas Search Engine Baidu

Google’s coming millions must already be burning a hole in the pockets. G is the most “well-traveled” six year-old you will probably ever know. The are spreading their tentacles across the globe, and now have a nice tasty piece of the Asian search market. More […]

101 Free Search Engine Optimization Tips

This is my latest site, and I wanted to get it a semi-decent link in Google, so I’m mentioning it here. There are some good tips and tools here, and it’s a nice way to “get your feet wet” with SEO. At some point, I […]

Keyword Arbitrage – Yahoo Advertising on Google

I love the word “arbitrage”. It’s such a cool way of saying…”buy low, sell high.” If only I could get it to actually work FOR me now. Apparently, even G’s main competitor Yahoo! couldn’t pass up an Adwords account.Yahoo Advertising on Google – MarketingVOX

Get Into Google News? Thread at

This is a great thread about how to get a Press Release into Google news at I really can’t say enough about this community. If you learn how to skim through TONS of information, there are truly some gems here. I had just written […]

Search Engine Milestones for May 2004

The news in search for the month of may according to Search Engine Watch:Search Engine Milestones for May 2004

Blogging about Blogging about Business Blogs

I didn’t read all of this site, but it looked pretty cool. There really are LOTS of potential uses for blogs in business, and CEO’s are just starting to get over the fact that some geek named this great tool something as stupid as “blog”. […]

$2.3 Billion in Internt Advertising – New Quarterly Record!

The IAB reports this good news. With the incredible relative returns on investment for advertisers, Internet ad spending budgets are destined to only increase. As tracking and creatives improve these trend are likely to stay (of course I am biased). With the improving capabilities of […]