Blog archives for Monday, June 28th, 2004

Overture Local Match is Going Live.

The big news this week is most definitely going to be Overture Local Match. I’m sure there will be lots of other reports about it elsewhere, but I read the first few articles passed on by Martinibuster of WW:Yahoo Unveils Local Match at ClickZ, and:Overture […]

Google Update “Garbo”: Backlink and Toolbar PageRank Update

Google “dances” are kinda now more like a middle school prom where none of the guys ask the girls to dance. There’s a lot of tension and talking going on, but not much really happens. Toolbar PageRank is pretty much worthless in my humble personal […]

Legend of the Drunken SEO Masters

After attending pubcon, I think the best SEO’s do optimize like they were drunk…perhaps they even are. The below article from WPN (which is actually regurgitation from SE Watch forums), which a gent known as SEO Mike suggest the “drunken style”. After recently watching “Drunken […]

Google Adwords Censorship: Call to Action for Walmart Workers of Michigan

Since I recently sold my soul to Sam Walton by purchasing a Sam’s Club card to make a purchase of my younger brother’s laptop, for the same reason all of us do (It was cheap!), I feel morally obligated to make an anti-walmart post. This […]

Even More Reasons to Ask Jeeves Your Search Questions

People really DO use ask jeeves. Not A LOT of people, but still a fair amount. I hadn’t been there in awhile, and the interface had changed since the last time. Looks pretty cool. They are also doin’ this new thing called “binoculars” (see story […]

Benchmarking an Average Conversion Rate

It’s not about hits…it’s not about traffic…it’s not about search engine rankings, or beautiful site design. I have a friend……and his name is Roi. His first name isn’t Patrick, and his last name isn’t Rogers. Know your conversion rates. Understand your conversion rates. LOVE your […]

Blocked PR List – Sites with known pagerank blocks

Try not to get added to this list, and don’t buy links from the folks listed here. THEY ARE ONLY LITTLE GREEN PIXELS!!!! Blocked PR List – Sites with known pagerank blocks

MSN Bot Hitting Sites Hard

I have neglected to post on this yet, but MSNBot seems to be hitting sites excessively hard. For most of us, this is not a problem, but paying for bandwidth for a spider (BG’s spider no less) is none to appealing to folks with large, […]

MarketingVOX is Cool. Spyware and Government Legislation is Not.

This is probably a great time to mention what a wonderful resource Marketing VOX is. They have great stories on a DAILY basis, and are on the bleeding edge of the industry news. One of my new favorite resources for e-marketing news. This is a […]

Don’t Get Scammed When Buying Links

Remember…ALWAYS buy site links ONLY for their traffic…(wink* wink*)…Well…If you buy for other reasons, read this article.Don’t Get Scammed When Buying Links