Blog archives for Thursday, May 13th, 2004

Google AdSense Offering Image Ads

I just got back from a nice day trip to Toronto for SES. Good stuff. Among my 150 e-mails (mostly junk) was an e-mail about adsense offering image ads. Interesting. Google AdSense with Images.

Blogger Has a New Look…Comments Now Enabled

Blogger rocks anyhow, so I should probably mention them more often. They now have a new cleaner look, and some additionally functionality. I haven’t really dug through it yet, but I did turn on “comments” so folks can talk bad about me on my blog […]

Interview with Craig Silverstein

A little q and a with Google’s CEO. Google’s man behind the curtain | Newsmakers | CNET

Google Blog

The good folks at the plex decided to give us one more small little window into their world. It will be interesting to see what is “blogworthy” at G.Google Blog

stock.xchng – the leading free stock photo site

I mentioned a short while ago, and since I really like free quality photos, I feel I must also mention this site as well. Stock.xchng is COMPLETELY free, and has some great stuff. Go get some stuff before they make you pay. Click on […]

Proogle | Google Search with PageRank Display

This is a great idea for link beggars that only have Macs (and thus no pretty green pixels on their non-existant google toolbar). I kinda liked it too. Chances are they won’t be around long when google pimp slaps them for violating their terms of […]

Aaron Wall SEO Book Blog

I haven’t actually read this book, but the blog is very good, often updated and had some insightful stuff in it. Looks like a great asset to those of us trying to keep up on EVERYTHING in this industry that seems to change daily. I […]

OneStat Confirms Google Position As Top Search Engine: SE Market Shares

Not a big shock here, but it is interesting to see statistics on the market share of the given search engines. I think I’ll keep optimizing for google, and hope that the problem getting new sites in the index is not a long term one. […]

Adsense Payout Revealed: Sitepoint Newsletter #292: Newsletter Archives

Sitepoint has a very good periodic newsletter that occasionally has some scrumptious tidbits in it. I came across this interest fact from some good inferential thinking on the author’s part: The Adsense average payout is revealed:“From the Google SEC filings: Adsense Revenue recognized on Q1 […]

New Moderator: Professional Webmaster Business Issues

I’m officially a moderator at the coolest site on the web. Thanks for the opportunity Brett, I’ll do my best to live up to the expectations. Come check out this great forum:Professional Webmaster Business Issues