Blog archives for Wednesday, April 21st, 2004

Blogger hooked me up.

I’m a big fan of blogger. Not to mention the fact that they sent me a free hooded sweatshirt when Google purchased them, or the fact that they provide an awesome service for free, today they hooked me up with a much publicized, controversial and […]

False Advertising? or Marketing Genius? Bring Bill Gates Back to Life.

A search for “cloning” on Google returns the above results. This site APPEARS on the surface to be the first group to offer human cloning. While the concept is nearly believable (and probably almost upon us), the site is for an upcoming movie. Previous movies […]

Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine

Find out your destiny from the all knowing HOO! The Onion | Yahoo Launches Soul-Search Engine — Today’s big SEO Buzz

There are LOTS of Internet Marketing Blogs, so new news travels fast. Today’s big story (or one of them) is Amazon’s cooperation with Google for a new search engine. While there are a few cool interface features, I still give it a great big “Meh…”…I’ll […]

Google to Allow Bidding on Trademarked Names

I think this is a very good things for retailers, distributors, and “middlemen”. Although G may face some litigation for it, I would imagine that the income stream FROM allowing brand names to be bid on should AT LEAST cover their costs, and keep retail […]

Analysis and Implications of Hilltop Algorithm

This is an excellent article speculating on Google’s use of the Hilltop Algorithm.Analysis and Implications of Hilltop Algorithm

Why Spam Blocking Doesn’t Work

Spam (Spamdexing) really sucks, unless you’re the person who won the porsche from AOL. The problem is, until the web and e-mail are based on some type of subscription model where there is some detterent from sending (or creating) it, it will continue to exist. […]

Google can Talk

It’s growing up, and Google has started talking. Next thing you know, it’ll be backtalking, drinking, and dating troublemakers. Google can Talk

Ahoy Matees…Anchor Text Pimpin’

I have to give the author of this article credit…he is pimpin’ this article’s links like he was the Don Magic Juan of the Internet Sea. If you haven’t figured out the value of anchor text, here’s the lowdown:Anchor Text Optimization

Page and Brin’s Blog

It doesn’t look like they’ve updated it in a while, but see what Larry and Sergey have to say in:Page and Brin’s Blog