Blog archives for Friday, April 30th, 2004

Google SEC Filing: Form S-1

All the minute details you could ever care to know about Google’s SEC filing. This is the “official” (and very dry) documentation for G’s initial public offering.Google SEC Filing

Google files for its long awaited IPO – Apr. 29, 2004

It’s official. Get the whole scoop on the IPO. Sounds like the “little guys” are gonna get a chance to bid on auction style shares. Start counting your nickels.Google files for its long awaited IPO – Apr. 29, 2004

Sergey Rents His Apartment?

This is kind of a cool article which has a small interview with Sergey Brin’s Father. It is very believable that someone who has come from a very modest background to being a multi-billionaire in only a few years is quite humble. Google and the […]

Banner Year for Online Ads – Metrics – CIO

I just love statistics like this. They remind me that I am most definitely in the right field. Basically, their has been a 100% increase in spending in just two years on “keyword search advertising”. Yes! (Quoting Martinibuster), “they” are starting to finally give advertising […]

“Joe Blow” Might Be Able to Get a Piece of Google

Being the constant innovators that they are, it sounds like Larry and Sergey may allow “anyone” to buy Google IPO stock. Normally, the way stocks are sold, you really have to be on the “inside” to get a piece of an initial public offering. While […]

SEO Class Instruction Syllabus

This is a really good thread that I spent a lot of time yesterday putting together a post for. Essentially, it is an outline for learning the fundamentals of SEO. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be a member of to read it. I don’t even […]

Secrets to Business Success on the Internet has some great business related articles on websites. This is just one great example. I am subscribed to their RSS feed, and am never disappointed when I check it. Very good informational content. I’d talk about them more, but I see Claria (formerly Gator) […]

Oops..Webhosting Company Caught Cheating Redhanded

Webhosting is a very competitive industry online, but got caught putting hidden links on CLIENT sites. I’d say this would kinda p*ss me off if I was hosting there. Most VERY creative SEO ideas don’t seem like such a good idea after a certain […]

IPO Conspiracy Theories Abound: Article – What can’t you find on Google? Vital statistics

Is Google run by a bunch of goofy geeks, or evil mastermind business geniuses? The conspiracy theories behind Google going public are just starting to surface, but the article below was kind of interesting, and I liked the fact that it claims we are ALL […]

$25 Billion MIGHT Be Evil – Google IPO

Credible sources are reporting a Google IPO shortly. An estimated $25 BILLION…WOW! Google IPO Article | Also reported on CNN