Blog archives for Monday, March 22nd, 2004

Link Development is Fun!

After attending pubcon, I have been trying to embrace an “abundance mentality”. Basically, I want to share the knowledge that I was lucky to have shared with me. Anyone can be a link developer with a little practice. With a little bit more practice, you […]

Microsoft’s MSN plans new search engine in July

MSN is gearing up to compete with Google. I am personally interested to see how heavily the search will be integrated into MS Longhorn, which will probably the OS of most of us in five years or so. Ease of use has always played a […]

Thanks again to all the Pubcon Folks

I had the great opportunity to attend “WebmasterWorld’s PubCon”. I really can’t say enough about how exciting the experience was. While writing this entry, I came across someone else describing the conference. I’m pretty sure that I was one of those “starry-eyed newbies” picking the […]

Hello World Post

I wanted a place to be able to vent about internet marketing, search engine optimization, and other stuff that was a little more “off the radar”. So here it is…you made it. Ad-free for now, but not for long. I think I am going […]