Blog archives for Wednesday, March 31st, 2004

GMAIL : Google Planning to Roll Out E-Mail Service Maybe? Maybe Not?

With the amazing speed at which information propogates among the information scavegers which are SEO’s, the idea of Google mail is still pure speculation mainly due to the suspicious release date. My working theory is that it is just a clever ploy by Patrick Deese […]

Personalized Google in the Works

“Personalized” Google Search was released at G Labs today. The technology is supposedly based on the work of Kaltix, a company purchased by G last year. Try it out: Personalized Web Search: Edit Profile Also released in the labs is “Web Alerts”. These are similar […]

S2X: v.1.0: Compound Breaks and Deep Cuts

My alter ego orginally came from wanting to become a DJ. Stuntdubl seemed fitting for two reasons…everyone seems to have a “stuntdubl” online or elsewhere, and it made fore some great puns for the type of music I enjoy making. I haven’t recorded anything in […]

SEO Today Article: A Deeper Look at the Hilltop Algorithm

This is a nice simplified look at the pain in the butt Hilltop Algorithm. Now rather than just using a elephant gun to shoot squirrels, SEO’s have to use proper tools for proper jobs.SEO Today Article: A Deeper Look at the Hilltop Algorithm has switched to Yahoo! Search search engine is now using Yahoo! technology. Alltheweb became a part of Yahoo! properties last year. See the discussion at just switched to Yahoo! Search

Werty wrestles alligators

George is a cool guy. He wrestles alligators.

SEO is the new Rock and Roll

With this in mind…how could I not register and re-direct it to this site? After all the “Internet Rockstar” was one of my inspirations to become a SEO. Another good article on Pubcon, and the Search Engine Strategies Conferences

I think this proves SEO is for real

SEO is going mainstream. I like it. Here’s the proof:Top search engine rankings a $7 billion business by 2007

Google News Alerts

I really wanted to write an entry about how cool I think Google News Alerts are. I have a few search terms set up that I get all the news on once a day. These include the term “google” for which I MUST know everything, […]

Reciprocal Linking is Dead Long Live Link Popularity

A good article on link popularity building strategy:Reciprocal Linking is Dead Long Live Link Popularity